West Bengal Urban Employment Scheme

  • To provide employment in urban areas
  • To create as well as maintain civic infrastructure and to add sustainability to the created assets.
Nature of the scheme:
  • Under this scheme unemployed person from ULBs will be engaged directly in various infrastructure development projects taken up under this scheme and also any other projects taken up by Municipalities / Municipal Corporations in terms of the various State Government approved programmes. They may also be engaged for supervision of various developmental projects taken up by the Municipalities and Municipal Corporations under this schemes and also any other projects out of the State Governmnt sponsored programmes.
  • No contractor will be engaged for any project taken up under this scheme.
  • The work under this scheme will have to be done directly by the ULBs or by way of involving the Ward committees or Area Subha Committee or Neighbourhood Committees or Community Development Socities or Borough Committee in case of such Municipal Corporations where the Ward Committee is yet to be constitued.
  • Urban Local Bodies, if they deem fit, may involve various State Government Departments or Development Authorities for execution of the projeects taken up under the scheme.