Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF)

Backward Regions Grant Fund (BRGF) is a Government of India programme designed to redress regional imbalances in development, bridge critical gaps in local infrastructure, and other development requirements. The programme was launched in February, 2007 funded by Government of India (GoI). Out of 6 (Purulia, Raghunathpur, Bishnupur, Sonamukhi, Kharagpur & Dhupguri) approved projects, Government of India provided 100% funding for 5 projects & the rest one projects (Dhupguri) is totally funded by Government of West Bengal. BRGF projects were sanctioned for water supply schemes of 6 towns to ensure water supply to the urban populace living in arid regions and in the western part of the State.
All the projects are in advance stages of completion.