Objective: To provide a one-time financial assistance of Rs. 2000/- in each such case, for the performance of the rites and rituals and to meet incidental expenses related to cremation/burial, to the next of kin / nearest family members of the deceased person.
Nodal Department and Agency: Panchayat and Rural Development Department will act as the Nodal Department in Panchayat areas and Municipal Affairs Department will act as the Nodal Department in Urban areas of the State.
  • The ”scheme” will be applicable to  the  people  from  poor  families,  living  in  the  State of West Bengal and where the cremation / burial takes place  at Crematoriums  Burning Ghats, Burial grounds etc. situated within the State of West Bengal.
  • The assistance will be provided to the next of kin, and if not available, to the nearest family member of the deceased person, who will apply with necessary cremation/Burial Certificate at the time of cremation/burial, as the case may be.