Right to Information Act & Rules

For anyone serious about acquiring any information permitted under RTI Act 2005, all the Information Officers at Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department, as well as around 178 Offices under its administrative control are at their services.

If not serious or the aim is to take Information Officers to task, please excuse us.

For details please visit the RTI section on our website and ensure they are applying to the appropriate Public Authority/SPIO.


  1. The RTI applicant should ensure they have furnished proper and updated postal address, as well as his/her active contact Mobile Number [Optional] in his/her application.
  2. Current and Active email address is desirable which will help the Department to inform the status of their RTI application.
  3. RTI applicants are requested to submit their RTI application(s) only to the proper Public Authority under the administrative control of this Department. They are requested to visit the website of this Department for this purpose (www.wburbanservices.gov.in) and ensure they are submitting their RTI Application to the appropriate Public Authority/SPIO.
  4. Once the SPIO (State Public Information Officer) of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs Department has forwarded one RTI application to a proper/another Public Authority under Section 6(3) or Other Appropriate Sections of the Act, the RTI applicant(s) are required/requested to contact the Concerned Public Authority where the RTI Application has been forwared.
  5. The RTI applicants are requested not to submit identical queries in separate applications with the changed order of queries or changed Language/Sentences time and again even after their query (ies) have been attended to and replied to. This will only create undue burden this office. It may be noted in this connection that there are different offices as follows:
  • MD Wing – 10 Offices under the administrative control of UD & MA Department, UD Branch, MD wing.
  • T&CP Wing – 21 Development Authorities under the administrative control of UD & MA Department, UD Branch, T&CP wing.
  • ULC Wing – 13 Offices under the administrative control of UD & MA Department, UD Branch, ULC wing.
  • MA Branch – 134 Offices under the administrative control of UD & MA Department, MA Branch.
  1. It is not possible on the part of SPIO, Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department, to attend to or furnish replies to the queries related to all the other 178 (One Hundred and Seventy eight) offices.
  2. RTI applicants should note that any Public Authority (Who is the custodian of such records under RTI Act, 2005) can (only) furnish updated information under the provisions of the Act.
  3. If not satisfied with the reply from the concerned SPIO (State Public Information Officer) they may take further action as per the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005.


RTI Act, 2005 for India Download Button
RTI Rules, 2006 for WB Download Button
RTI Rules, 2006 for WB Bangla Download Button

Appellate Authority

Smt. Mayuri Vasu, IAS Special Secretary
State Public Information Officer
Shri Kalidas Biswas Deputy Secretary
State Assistant Public Information Officers
Shri Subrata Pramanick Officer-on-Special Duty M.D. Branch
Shri Debashis Das Officer-on-Special Duty M.A. Branch
Shri Saroj Golder Officer-on-Special Duty T & CP Branch