Organisation Structure

  • Additional Secretaries
    • Joly Chaudhuri, WBCS(Exe.)1. Establishment (UD & MA Branch)
      2. Establishment (KMDA, SLRDC, HIT)
      3. Nodal Officer, HRMS
      4. Nodal Officer, GeM
      5. Court matter (NGT) except NMCG & SPMG
      7. Additional Director, SUDA
      8. Special Mission Director-I, AMRUT
    • Arupratan Mukhopadhyay, WBCS(Exe.)1. Budget wing (UD & MA Branch)
      2. Green City Mission
      3. Finance Commission
      4. Matter related to purchase of land
      5. Special Mission Director-II, AMRUT
    • Debapriya Biswas, WBCS(Exe.)1.Land matter (ULBs)
      2. Land related matters of Development Authorities
      3. LUDCP matters of Planning area of Development Authorities
      4. LUDCP matters of Planning Authorities
      5. Township projects
      6. Heritage Town projects
      7. Preparation of Digha Master Plan
      8. Issue related to NKDA and Smart City Mission
      9. State Mission Director of Smart City Mission for the State of West Bengal
      • Saibal Thakurata
        Chief Town Planner
    • Kasturi Biswas, WBCS(Exe.)1. Non Residential Land Matters of Salt Lake
      3. Release of Funds under state Budget for the projects of KMDA and SLRDC
      4. Preparation of LUDCP for Kolkata Metropolitan Area