Modernization of Abattoir

The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has launched the scheme of modernization of abattoirs during 2008 – 09. The scheme has been scaled up during the 12th Five Year Plan to cover setting up new and modernization of existing abattoirs for first two years of the 12th Five Year Plan i.e. 2012 – 13 and 2013 – 14.
A scheme of setting up modern abattoir under 5 ULBs viz. Krishnagar, Ranaghat, Nabadwip, Bhatpara and Contai are being approved with the objective to provide facility of scientific slaughtering and better hygienic environment. The scheme has envisaged setting up an abattoir for a capacity of slaughtering small animals, namely goat and sheep and or ig animal like Buffalos to cater the demand of local people of the municipality and supply to adjoining areas.
The scheme is to provide civil construction of open lairage, covered lairage with truss structure, slaughtering unit, blood processing plant, effluent treatment plant, deep tube well etc. and necessary electro mechanical units. Now, Abattoirs at four towns viz. Krishnagar, Ranaghat, Bhatpara and Contai are being constructed by the respective ULBs under technical guidance of Municipal Engineering Directorate.