Ease of Doing Business

Permission for Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas

Procedure for Application

Step 1

Open the URL http://mobiletower.silpasathi.in/ in your browser.

Step 2

Applicant should be register with relevant data by OTP verification before applying the Mobile Tower Permission. You can get the User Id and Password after successful registration.

Step 3

Applicant need to Login with applicant’s user credentials.

Step 4

Applicant need to apply with relevant data for Mobile Tower Permission online along with necessary documents.

Step 5

Then information’s are verified and feasibility of the project and other aspect of the site are judged by corporations at different levels.

Step 6

Finally, either the application is sanctioned or rejected.

Step 7

If sanctioned, applicant would be asked to deposit fees and thereafter No Objection Certificate would be issued.

Step 8

After that applicant can download the sign copy of NOC.