Ease of Doing Business

Permission for Mobile Tower Approval in Municipal Areas

Checklist for the Application

  1. The approved drawings of Site plan/ Roof plan of the area where the tower proposed to be constructed.
  2. The General Arrangement Drawing and Structural Drawing(s) of the proposed tower together with a specification of the work duly signed by the empanelled Geotechnical Engineer Class – I, Structural Engineer Class – I and Structural Reviewer (if required).
  3. Reports of soil test with test for stability of slope (as and when required) from any reputed technical Organization/ Institution.
  4. Detailed calculation of structural design as per provision in rules duly signed by the empanelled Structural Engineer Class – I and Geotechnical Engineer Class – I.
  5. Up to date paid up Municipal Tax receipt.
  6. Clearance certificate/application copy from U.L.C. Branch of Urban Development Department Government of West Bengal (if applicable)
  7. No objection of TRAI, West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services Dept. and all other relevant Dept.
  8. Combined Affidavits and Undertakings (for indemnity Bond, common passage and power of Attorney).
  9. Copy of Deed and Deed plan for ground based tower and copy of the possession certificate in case of the roof top tower.
  10. Sanctioned building plan of existing building along with the structural fit certificate from empanelled Structural Engineer Class – I and Geotechnical Engineer Class – I in case of Roof based Mobile Tower.
  11. The duly signed Bar diagram showing the construction phases, type & quantity of construction material to be stacked with respect to time schedule.