FAQ (Trade License)

Is the Fee of specific Trade can vary depending on the locality in one ULB?

As per Guideline, Fees of a Specific Trade will be uniform in all areas of the ULB concerned.

For any Nursing Home whether NOC of Clinical Establishment Act/Rule is required?

Only 2 documents are required for Application of any Trade i.e.

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of Occupancy/Tenancy.
I fail to renew my trade License for 2 years. After 2 years is the renewal possible?

Possible, after deposit of the late fine and due arrear.

At the time of Application, I wrote wrong spelling of my name. Should I need to re apply?


Can I use Ration card as Identity Proof?

No. Any one of the document of Voter ID Card / Aadhar Card/ Passport/ Driving License, can be uploaded as a proof of Identity.

Do I require email id to apply for Trade License online?


I have no Computer. How can I apply for Trade License online?

Please approach your nearest BSK (Bangla SahayataKendra) for any help regarding filing of the online application of Trade License.

How do I know whether my legacy entry got approved?

You will get SMS and email alert if your legacy entry gets approved.

How do I know that my Trade License renewal is pending?

30 days prior to the date of expiry of your Trade License, you will get SMS in your registered mobile and email alert for renewal.

How do I know about the Application Fee of the Trade for which I will apply online?

It is notified in the UD &MA website. Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs (wburbanservices.gov.in).

In which provision of the Act / Rule the Trade License by ULB is issued ?

For Municipalities: - Section 118 of the WB Municipal Act
For Municipal Corporations: Section 141 of the WB Municipal Corporation Act.