FAQ (Building Plan Approval)

What is OBPAS?

The Online Building Plan Approval System (OBPAS) has been envisaged by the Department of Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, Government of West Bengal to utilize the benefits of Information Technology to have a Single Window System (SWS) for various processes involved in issuance of construction permits of buildings.

Who are eligible for apply for OBPAS?

As Govt. decided, from 16th August,2021 for Cat-A, B, C & Five Municipal Corporations (except of KMC & HMC) it is mandatory to Approve Building Plans through OBPAS system, Other ULB's (Cat-D & E) it is not mandatory to approve Building Plan through OBPAS, but if they want to use this system then they can use.

How will I get OBPAS?

Use any type of search engine (preferably Google Chrome /Mozilla Firefox). https://obpsudma.wb.gov.in

Can I test in OBPAS without any actual file submission?

Yes, you can test, use-https://beta-obpsudma.wb.gov.in

Is there any Helpline no.?

Yes, Call Centre- 1800 345 8251 Helpdesk- 033 2334 0025, Email address - helpdesk.sws.udma@wb.gov.in

What are the services available in OBPAS?

Please visit our website , click on e-services & read.

How will I get user manual?

Please visit our website , click on User Manual & read.

How will I know whom to select as Technical Consultant?

Please visit our website , click on Notification button, select order no. 161/MA/O/C_4/1M-31/2015 Pt-III (dated- 19th Feb., 2020) & read.

Which NOC's are required for Building Plan Approval?

Please visit our website , click on NOC Services & read.

What are the Fees Structure of Building Plan Approval?

Please visit our website , click on Fees Structure (Building Fees) & read.

How will I pay fees of Building Plan Approval?

Please visit our website , click on Fees Structure (Payment Guidelines) & read.

How will I get West Bengal Municipal Building Rule, 2007?

Please visit our website , click on Notifications (No. 67/MA/O/C-4/3R-8/2002, Dated: 14th day of February, 2007) & read.

What is meant by Precheck Return?

It means if the Geometrical Arrangement is not right, then your drawing will be return to you, (https://obpsudma.wb.gov.in/help/Precheck%20Errors%20&%20Correction%20Procedure_Version_1.0_25_06_2021.pdf)

As a Citizen, how will I know different types of Consultants empaneled in my ULB & also how to contact with him/her?

Please visit our website , click on Downloads option, you will see in drop-down List of Technical Personnel's , click on that & choose your ULB name. You will see the whole list who are empaneled in your ULB. From that list you will find Techinical Person's Name., Mobile No, Email ID, which will help you to contact. (https://obpsudma.wb.gov.in/techperson.php)

I have a 10 years old single storied building, now I want to add another Floor, is this service available in SWS?

Yes , Of course you can. First register yourself & log-in, then select Building Plan for Addition & fill the Common Application Form.

I shall complete the construction of my building very soon, after completion, I want to take Occupancy & other Services like Water Connection, Sewer Connection, Will it be possible to avail those service through SWS-OBPAS?

Yes, of-course you can apply for those service. First register yourself & log- in SWS-OBPAS., then fill the Common Application Form of Occupancy.

For Architects, is there any need to take recommendation from MED?

Architect registered under Council of Architecture can practice in the same capacity as per UD & MA Deptt. order no. 161/MA/O/C-4/1M-31/2015 Pt. – III dt. 19.2.2020. Further recommendation from MED is not applicable here.

What are the rules for LBS, Structural Engineers, Geo-technical Engineers, Structural Reviewer empanelment?

In terms of sub-rule 2 of rule 14 of West Bengal Municipal (Building) Rules, 2007 (Amended), the ULB can empanel LBS (Class I & II); recommendation from MED is required for empanelment of structural engineer (Class I & II), geo-technical engineer (Class I & II) and structural reviewer.

How can I register Grievances?

UD&MA Dept. has launched this Grievance Redressal System for managing these complaints of citizen, submitted through online. All grievances received will be recorded in a central complaints logging database which will help ULB's in systematically monitoring the action taken to resolve these grievances. ULB's will receives various complaints from citizens regarding CAF filling, registration of empaneled consultant, regarding Architectural Drawing & Others.

How Will Grievance Redressal System Work?

Step One : Citizen must log-in & click on Raise Grievance button, Step Two : Citizen have to fill the Grievance Redressal Application Form & Submit , Step Three: ULB will look into your grievances & resolve by 6 working days.