Tender Notice

Sl. Tender No Publishing Date Closing Date Subject Download
1 WBUD&MA/SE/SLRDC/NIQ-26(e) of 2023-2024 29-09-2023 09-10-2023 Annual comprehensive upkeeping works viz. sweeping & cleaning of open space, office toilets, drains,corridor, staircase, rooftop,footpath, road and others, gardening & plantation of all garden enclosures including cleaning and disinfection of overhead tanks and underground reservoirs as per current PWD Schedule of Rates at Mayukh Bhavan. New Icon PDF Icon
2 Memo No. HMC/HWW/P-13/23-24 22-09-2023 10-10-2023 Total 03(three) nos. work (List Enclosed). New Icon PDF Icon
3 WBUD&MA/BMS/NIT-25(e)/2023-24 22-09-2023 09-10-2023 Fixing of Split Bamboo Fencing at the identified 98 nos. vacant plots within Sector- II of Bidhannagar under B.M.S Division. New Icon PDF Icon
4 Memo No. WB-HMC/NIT/ED-028/L/2023-24 20-09-2023 10-10-2023 Total 08(eight) nos. work (List Enclosed). New Icon PDF Icon
5 Notice Inviting e-Tender No 04 of 2023-24(2nd call) 19-09-2023 03-10-2023 Installation of 100 mm X 80 mm dia drinking water tubewell fitted with submersible pump including PVC pipe line & allied works for using Urban Health Wellness Centre under Sonamukhi Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
6 Memo No. 8-177/2023/705 18-09-2023 Corrigendum Notice of e-NIT No. WBUDMA/EE/SLRD /NIT-07(e)/2023-24. New Icon PDF Icon
7 Tender ID. 2023_MAD_559907_1 18-09-2023 Corrigendum Notice of e-NIT No. WBMAD/ NIT- 03 /SE(S)/2023-24 New Icon PDF Icon
8 Memo No. 01/WBVB/ENIT/4E-7/2018/238 18-09-2023 06-10-2023 Data Entry or Digitalization form the manual scoring of Inspection. New Icon PDF Icon
9 Memo No. MED/SE(W)/233/W-263/2021 15-09-2023 Corrigendum Notice of e-NIT No. 02 of SE(WC)/MED/2023-24 New Icon PDF Icon
10 Tender ID. 2023_MAD_558304_1 15-09-2023 Corrigendum Notice of e-NIQ No. WBMAD/NIQ-03/SE(S)/2023-24 New Icon PDF Icon
11 SEC-VI/ITA/04 of 2023-24 15-09-2023 21-09-2023 Design and construction of 28 MGD water Treatment Plant with space saving technology along with Intake arrangements, Underground reservior-cum-pumping station including all Civil and Electro-mechanical works, commissiong and trial run with 5 years operation and maintenance within PHED campus. PDF Icon
12 Notice Inviting e-Tender No 05 of 2023-24 15-09-2023 06-10-2023 Construction of Urban Health and Wellness Center at ward no-01 within Bishnupur Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
13 Memo No. HMC/HWW/P-12/23-24 14-09-2023 30-09-2023 Total 02(two) nos. work (List Enclosed). New Icon PDF Icon
14 03/BWN/MED/2023-24 14-09-2023 03-10-2023 Construction of Boundary Wall and Land Development of Dumping Ground at ward no. 15 for SWM projects at Memari Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
15 Memo No. ED/Crematorium/06/23-24 13-09-2023 03-10-2023 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Air Pollution Control System of Wooden Pyres including construction of water reservoir, shed and submersible pump at Shibpur Burning Ghat (3rd Call). New Icon PDF Icon
16 Memo No. SUDA-15014(17)/19/2022-ENGG SEC(SUDA)-SUDA/6797_3 13-09-2023 22-09-2023 Sub-Soil Investigation, Preparation of Design, Drawing & estimates for processing of Municipal Solid Waste of 49 TPD under Swachch Bharat Mission within Jangipur Municipality. PDF Icon
17 WBUD&MA/BMS/NIT-24(e)/2023-24 13-09-2023 29-09-2023 Replacement of existing old and damaged conc. overhead water reservoir by P.V.C water tank of all buildings ( A- Type & S Type ) including replacement of outside plumbing lines of each buildings within Srabani Abasan. New Icon PDF Icon
18 WBMAD/NIQ-04/SE(S)/2023-24 13-09-2023 13-10-2023 Name of work enclosed herewith. New Icon PDF Icon
19 WBUD&MA/SE/SLRDC/NIQ-08(e) OF 2023-24 13-09-2023 27-09-2023 Installation of 08 (eight) nos. of steel rack with 6 loading level at Nagarayan building, Salt Lake City, under S.L. Reclamation Sub-Division-I of S.L.Reclamation Division. New Icon PDF Icon
20 Memo No.980/Cons./23-24 13-09-2023 29-09-2023 Hire charge for 1 no. EX 200 Excavator machine with operation & maintenance along with fuel & lubricants for 90 days under Conservancy Dept. New Icon PDF Icon