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Sanction of Sewer Line Connection for Building in Municipal Areas

Procedure for Application

Step 1: Login to the Application 

In order to login to the West Bengal e-District Application, the user should open an internet browser, type the ‘https://edistrict.wb.gov.in’ in the address bar and press Enter. Enter ‘User Name’, Password and type the ‘Captcha’ as it appears in the screen then press Login to enter the home page of the application. If the applicant has forgotten the password, click Forgot Password.

Step 2: Apply to Service 

After login to West Bengal e-District, the Home page appears. It shows the comprehensive list of services of different Department under West Bengal e-District. The home page contains several panels showing the number of applications for each module of service, such as- Urban Development & Municipal Affairs, Social Welfare Scheme, Registration of Societies, Land Records and Revenue Court Services, Labour Services, Certificates and Licenses.
In order to apply for sewer line connection for Building, click on the service name under “Sanction of Sewer Line Connection for Buildings in Municipal Areas”. A page will open containing the list of required documents etc. for this service by clicking on the application link. To proceed with the application the user needs to click on ‘Apply’ button.

Step 3: Searching of Service

In Order to search for the Sanction of Sewer Line Connection for Buildings in Municipal Areas the user needs to enter the following fields:

  • Approved Building Permit No.: This is a mandatory field. The applicant needs to enter the Building Permit No. which is mentioned in ‘Form C’, system generated certificate of the service Sanction of Industrial Building Plan in Municipal Areas. 
  • Building Permit Approval Date: This is a mandatory date field. The applicant needs to select the approval date of the building Permit. 
  • Search: By clicking on this button the applicant searches for his/her details that were filled earlier.

#N.B.-    Without availing previous online service i.e. Issuance of Occupancy Certificate of Industrial Building in Municipal Areas, the user can not enter into this service.
If the permit number and or the date entered is not correct the system informs the user with ‘No Record Found’.

Step 4: Editing of Applicant’s Basic Information Page

The Basic Information of the applicant will be displayed in the said page, as entered during Application for Sanction of Building Plan. If there is any change that to be incorporated if the system permits. The applicant will have to press ‘Cancel’ button in order to cancel the application or click to ‘Save & Next’ to go to the next page.

Step 5: Filling/ Editing of Application Details Page

The Application Details will be displayed in the said page, as entered during Application for Sanction of Building Plan. If there is any change, that to be incorporated, if the system permits. In Order to complete the Application Details Page the user needs to enter the following fields:

  • Sewer generation: This is a mandatory numeric field. The applicant has to manually enter the quantity of sewer to be generated (in KL per day) in this field. 
  • Declaration of Acceptance: The user has to click on the check box ‘I Accept’ to provide declaration that the information provided in the application form is true to the best of his/ her knowledge and belief. 
  • Save and Next: If the user wants to save the data entered and proceed to the next step of application, he/ she will have to select ‘Save & Next’ button.
  • Save Draft: Click on ‘Save Draft’ to save the entered details. User can access the drafted application from “Draft application’ section of the home page.

Step 6: Uploading of Supporting Documents

On the next page the applicant has to click on Attach Supporting Document button at the bottom of the page. Supporting documents can be uploaded by clicking ‘Choose File’ button. After uploading all the mandatory supporting documents, the applicant should click on Save & Next button to proceed further or to press ‘Cancel’ button in order to cancel the application.

Step 7: Application Submission

The applicant can view the application details and supporting document list before the submission of the application form and can be corrected if any error is found. The user needs to click one of the following fields: 

  • Submit: Applicant should click this button for submitting the application.
  • Edit Basic Detail: This button is to take the applicant to the basic details page for necessary modification.
  • Edit Application: This button is to take the applicant to the Application details page for necessary modification
  • Edit Supporting Document: This button is to take the applicant to the supporting document page for necessary modification.
  • Cancel: The applicant might click on this button to cancel the application procedure.

Step 8: Application Acknowledgement

When the application is successfully submitted, the applicant receives a system generated acknowledgement. This contains the application summary and the contact details of the person to be contacted with for further queries. The applicant can either take a print out of the application acknowledgement by clicking ‘Print’ button or can click on ‘Finish’ button to complete the process. Application Information Number (AIN) is 16 digit number provided in the acknowledgement, mainly used to track the application before approval.

Step 9: Making payment for the service

User clicks on the ‘Payment pending Application’ and then ‘Action’ link to make necessary payment. A pop-up box will appear containing total amount to be paid with two buttons ‘OK’ and ‘Cancel’. To continue, the user will click on ‘OK’ button and eventually make payment in online mode. If the user disagrees with the amount to be paid or want to pray for reduction in payment, has to click on ‘Cancel’ button.

Step 10: Printing the Output document

On clicking ‘Approved Application’ button at the Home page a list of approved application will appear. The user will have to click on the ‘Certificate’ icon for a particular application to get the ‘Sewer line Connection Certificate’.