Tender Notice

Sl. Tender No Publishing Date Closing Date Subject Download
1 NIQ NO. 1445/WBVB/2P-12/2020 16-10-2020 10-11-2020 Comprehensive Annual maintenance Contractual of IT infrastructural set up of West Bengal Valuation Board. New Icon PDF Icon
2 N.I.E. BID NO: Q 45/WB/AMRUT/AMC/2020-21 16-10-2020 11-11-2020 2 Nos. of work list enclosed. New Icon PDF Icon
3 WBMAD/BASIR/E-01 OF 2020-21(2nd Call) 14-10-2020 10-11-2020 Construction of U.P.H.C Building at Bhabla under Basirhat Municipality. New Icon PDF Icon
4 Memo No. 6/29A/1477(09) 13-10-2020 2nd Corrigendum Notice of NIT No. 09 of 2020-21. New Icon PDF Icon
5 WB-HMC/NIT/ED- 04/EE-II/BEUP/2020-2021 13-10-2020 14-11-2020 Total 5 nos. of work list enclosed. New Icon PDF Icon
6 WB-HMC/TN/ED/WS/B-VII/20/20-21 13-10-2020 05-11-2020 Supply of spare parts and tools, Planks of tubewells & pipeline works for 1(one) year. New Icon PDF Icon
7 WB/HMC/TN/ED/WS/19/20-21 09-10-2020 03-11-2020 Total 4 Nos. of work list enclosed. New Icon PDF Icon
8 WBMAD/KALNA/NIT-04/20-21 09-10-2020 23-10-2020 Emergency toe protection work at Intake Kalna Jetty of water treatment plant in ward no 05 under Kalna Municipality. PDF Icon
9 Memo No. 6/29A/1468(09) 09-10-2020 1st Corrigendum notice of NIT No. 09 of 2020-21. PDF Icon
10 WB/HMC/TN/ED/WS/17/20-21 08-10-2020 31-10-2020 Total 2 Nos. of work list enclosed. New Icon PDF Icon
11 TN/ED/WS/18/2020-21 07-10-2020 05-11-2020 Operation of pump for the Deep tube well at 58 Molla Para Lane, Ward NO. 37 & Buxrah Thakur Pukur Pump House, ward no-45. New Icon PDF Icon
12 Ref No. RM/Civil/ELE/NIT/362 03-10-2020 12-10-2020 Notice Inviting Tender for supply of Street Light with necessary fitting and fixing of Raghunathpur Municipality. PDF Icon
13 Ref No. RM/Civil/ELE/NIT/361 03-10-2020 12-10-2020 Notice Inviting Tender for supply of Electrical Items (3rd Call) of Raghunathpur Municipality. PDF Icon
14 NIQ No. 2554-UDMA-15012(99)/1/2019-LS-UD SEC-DEPT OF UDMA 01-10-2020 06-11-2020 Outsourcing of Photocopy Work. New Icon PDF Icon
15 WBMAD/KALNA/NIT-03/20-21 01-10-2020 15-10-2020 Total 9 Nos. of work list enclosed. PDF Icon
16 Memo No. 1307/1(7) 30-09-2020 Cancellation Corrigendum Notice of NIQ No. WBUD & MAD/SLP/NIQ-6/2020-21. PDF Icon
17 Notice Inviting Tender No. 09 of 2020-2021 30-09-2020 16-10-2020 Total 4 Nos of work list enclosed PDF Icon
18 Notice Inviting Quotation No. 12 of 2020-2021 29-09-2020 07-10-2020 Repairing of Chimney,Dark line & Blower at Electric Crematorium Within Kalna Municiplaity. PDF Icon
19 Notice Inviting e-Quotation No 01 of 2020-2021(2nd call). 29-09-2020 05-11-2020 Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for (a) Interception and Diversion (I & D) of existing drainage channels directly discharging into the river with Rehabilitation of existing Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) if any and/or Construction of new STP(s) and (b) laying of sewerage network for the whole town covering every household to save river Mayurakshi / Ganga (Locally called Bhagirathi ) with Operation & Maintenance for the period of five (05) years after Commissioning. New Icon PDF Icon
20 WBMAD/MEMARI/WSP/NIeB-01 OF 2020-21 28-09-2020 09-11-2020 Construction of R.C.C Over Head Reservoir (OHR) in zone- IV & V with 20 m Staging height over Pile Foundation as per enclosed departmental design, drawing & specification etc. Within Memari Municipality under Water Supply Project. New Icon PDF Icon